I see you juggling it all - dishes, laundry, soccer practice, dance rehearsals, and homework. All the while, your teen seems to be slipping farther away and you rarely see their face outside of their phone anymore, let alone talk with them...

As a nurse practitioner, author, speaker and creator of Teen Speak, my passion is educating, empowering and equipping devoted parents, like YOU, to achieve a positive, trusting, thriving relationship with your teen. It's 100% possible! 

You want to create a lasting & loving relationship with your growing & changing kid(s) that continues through the teen years into adulthood!

How Do I Get There:

+ The Teen Speak Audiobook provides the what and why teens are the way they are and equips you with proven strategies to keep you and your teen talking!

+ The Teen Speak Workbook guides you through real-life scenarios & thought-provoking questions that will help you determine which strategies best match your personal parenting style.

+ The Workbook is designed to complete during or after the audiobook--whatever works best for you!

Rated 5-STARS the Teen Speak Method has helped thousands of devoted parents decode their tweens and teens and become fluent in Teen Speak!

Course Curriculum

  Teen Speak: A guide to understanding and communicating with your teen
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Teen Speak Audiobook with Workbook